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Member using clause
1. Description
Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (hereinafter referred to as TEEMA) provides the TEEMA B2B
Service (hereinafter referred to as “the service”). When you/your company access to the TEEMA B2B, it indicates that you/your company have already read, understood and agreed to accept all the contents of this agreement. TEEMA has the right to modify or change the contents of this agreement at anytime. It is recommended that you/your company should pay attention at all time such modification or change. Should you/your company continue to access TEEMA B2B, it is then considered that you/your company have read, understood and agreed to accept such modification or change. Should you/your company do not agree to the content of this agreement, or the country or territory that you/your company attached would eliminate the entire or part of the content of this agreement, you/your company should stop at once accessing to the TEEMA B2B.
2. Connecting to the third partys website
The search engine service provided by TEEMA B2B enables you/your company to acquire instant search result. It is possible that you/your company could link to the websites operated by other entities accordingly. However, it does mean that TEEMA has any relation whatsoever with the said entities. Websites operated by other entities should be solely responsible by each entity and it does not fall into the control or responsible domain of TEEMA. TEEMA does not guarantee the appropriateness, dependence, promptness, validity, accuracy or integrity of the searched results.
3. Obligations of you/your company

In order to access to the service, you/your company agree to the following items:

A. To provide the correct, update and complete information of you/your company based on the prompts within the registration form.
B. Maintaining and updating your/your company data and ensuring that it should be kept correct, update and complete. TEEMA shall have the right to suspend or terminate your/your company account and decline your/your company access to the entire or partial service should you/your company had provided any incorrect or untrue information.
C. Should there be any change on the telephone numbers, addresses, email addresses, credit card accounts, validity, product information of yourself/your company, you/your company agree to notify TEEMA immediately. Whatever the above-mentioned notification that indicate correctly your/your company account code shall serve as the binding power on you/your company.
D. TEEMA shall not be responsible for any indemnity caused should you/your company fail to notify on TEEMA B2B or TEEMA immediately to change the above-mentioned information that could have caused the loss of rights and interests.
E. The information provided by you/your company from your application will be compiled into the database of TEEMA and based on which the promotion and other materials would be sent to you/your company.
4. Privacy protection statement
The membership registration and other special information of you/your company will be protected and regulated in accordance with the Privacy Policy of TEEMA.
5. Members account, password and security
An account and password will be sent to you/your company after the registration to the service is completed. It is your/your companys responsibility to keep safely your account and password. All activities conducted under the said password and account shall be the total responsibility of yours/your company. You/your company also agree to the following: (a) in the case that your/your company password or account is illegally accessed or any other security issues occur, you/your company shall notify immediately TEEMA, and (b) log out your/your company account every time after disconnection.
6. Secured payment
A. Any payment service relevant to TEEMA B2B shall be announced by TEEMA on TEEMA B2B including the amount, payment terms and service charges. In the case that you/your company request to access or to continue the access to the relevant services at any time after the announcement, you/your company shall have the obligation to pay TEEMA.
B. Should there be any adjustment by TEEMA in terms of the amount, payment terms and service charges in the future, notification will be emailed to you/your company promptly to assure the acknowledging right of you/your company. Once the email is sent by TEEMA, you/your company shall be considered being acknowledged for the adjustment of any charged amount, payment terms, and service charges. If you/your company intend to access continuously the TEEMA B2B service, it is your obligation to pay TEEMA according to the adjusted charges.
7. Termination
A. If you/your company intend to terminate your membership rights of TEEMA B2B, a written notice (including email) should be sent to TEEMA 30 days in advance. Upon receipt of the notification, TEEMA will modify the attribute of your/your company membership and terminate the exclusive services. However, any right and obligation derived from this article shall not be affected prior to the termination.
B. If you/your company fail to pay the membership fee after being notified by TEEMA within the validity, TEEMA is entitled to modify your/your company membership rights and to terminate the exclusive services. However, any right and obligation derived from this article shall not be affected prior to the termination.
C. You/your company agree that due to our own consideration, TEEMA may terminate your/your company password and account (or any part thereof) or the service access due to any reason, including but not limiting to your disconnection from TEEMA B2B for more than six months, or that TEEMA considers that you/your company had already violated the stipulations and spirit of the service terms and conditions. Any content that you/your company had uploaded or sent within the service (including but not limiting to text, images, audio-visual, software and program) will be removed or deleted. Due to its own consideration, TEEMA may terminate the service or part thereof at any time with or without notification. In addition, you/your company agree that if the service is terminated, TEEMA does not assume any responsibility of yours/your company or any third party and that TEEMA will not refund any prepaid service charges.
8. Compliance and commitment of the user

You/your company commit that no any access to TEEMA B2B is conducted with any illicit purpose or any illegal way; and that you should observe the relevant rules and regulations of the Republic of China and all international practice of the internet access. If you/your company are the users other than the Republic of China users, you agree to comply with the laws and orders of the Republic of China and your/your companys country or territory. You/your company agree and guarantee that the service is not to be used in violating the rights and benefits of other people or illegal conducts including but not limiting to:

A. Announcing or sending on TEEMA B2B any slander, insult, menace, attack, offense, obscenity, fraud, public orders or law-abiding customs violation, or other illicit text, image or files in any format;
B. Infringement of the reputation of other people, privacy, trade secrets, trademarks, copyright, patents, other intellectual property rights or other rights;
C. Violation of responsible legal or contractual confidentiality;
D. Accessing the service with false identity;
E. Sending or proliferating computer viruses;
F. Engaging in illegal transaction or posting false and crime alluring information;
G. Selling of firearms, narcotics, illegal drugs, pirated software or other contraband;
H. Provision of gaming information or enticing other people in any manner to gamble;
I. sending junk mails
J. Conducts that are considered as inappropriate by other members with proper grounds.
9. System failure or malfunctioning
Occurrences such as disconnection or failure may happen in the service that could cause inconvenience, data loss, fault, vicious revision or other economic loss to you/your company. Appropriate protection measures must be engaged by your/your company when accessing to the service. TEEMA is not responsible for any indemnity for the damage caused by accessing (or unable to access) to the service.
10. Downloading software and data
TEEMA is not responsible for any guarantee of the downloaded software or data by accessing the service or from other linked websites of the TEEMA B2B. Prior to downloading the software or data, you/your company should determine at your own discretion the appropriateness, effectiveness, authenticity, integrity, and infringement possibility to prevent from any loss (such as damaging your/your company computer system or loss of stored data etc); TEEMA is not responsible for any indemnity for such losses.
11.General measures on accessing and storage
You/your company agree that general measures and restrictions are formulated by TEEMA including but not limiting to the maximum time of storing email messages, posted contents or other uploaded contents of the service, quantity restriction of the email messages sent and received under one account, the maximum disk storage allotted to you/your company by the TEEMA B2B server, and the service limiting for you/your company within a specific period (time restriction for each access). For the purpose of maintaining and operating the service, you/your company agree that TEEMA is not responsible for any deleted or unsaved content of any corresponding message. You/your company also agree that TEEMA is entitled to close your account if it has not accessed for a long time. You/your company also agree that TEEMA is entitled to take its own consideration to modify such general measures and restrictions at any time, whether or not being notified.
12. Information or recommendation

TEEMA does not guarantee the absolute authenticity and correctness for the information or recommendation (including but not limiting to commerce, investment, medical and legal aspect) accessing to the service or from other websites linked to TEEMA B2B by you/your company. TEEMA is entitled to modify or delete the information or recommendation provided from the service. Prior to any relevant planning and decision, you/your company should consult with the professionals by offering opinion based on the situation of you/your company so that they could match the individual requirement of you/your company.

TEEMA collaborates at anytime with the third parties such as other companies and manufacturers (content providers). Different contents such as news, messages and e-weekly will be provided by them to be posted on TEEMA B2B. The content providers will be identified when posting by TEEMA. In view that the intellectual property rights of the content providers must be respected, TEEMA will not conduct actual investigation or modification for the contents thus provided, nor to be responsible for the authenticity of the said contents. The authenticity of the said contents should be determined with your/your company’s own discretion Should you/your company consider that part of the contents involve infringement or falsehood, please communicate your feedback directly to the content providers.

13. Advertisement

The contents, descriptions of the texts and images, displayed samples or other sales information of all advertisement that you/your company view on TEEMA B2B are designed and proposed by each of the advertisers, product and service providers. Please determine on your own discretion for the authenticity and credibility of the advertisement. Except by providing basic consulting service to the members, TEEMA is only entrusted to publish the advertisement but is not responsible for any guarantee of the aforesaid advertisement.

14. Transaction or other trading behavior

Manufacturers or individuals may offer product transaction, services or other trading behaviors through the service or other linked websites of TEEMA B2B. Consequently, should you/your company conduct business transaction with the said manufacturer or individual, each of the said transactions or contracts only exists between the two parties of you/your company and the said manufacturer or individual. You/your company should request the said manufacturer or individual to explain in details and elaborate in advance on the product, service, or the quality, content, delivery, guaranteed items and defect warranty etc. of the other trading targets. Dispute thus resulted from the aforesaid transaction, service or other trading behaviors of you/your company should seek for relief or solution from each of the said manufacturers or individuals. TEEMA hereby declares that we will never intervene into any transaction, service or other trading behavior between you/your company and the said manufacturer or individual; neither are we responsible for the guarantee of any product, service, or other trading target acquired by you/your company. If the aforesaid transaction, service or other trading behaviors are conducted by you/your company through the shopping website operated by TEEMA, the rights and obligations of the two parties shall be determined separately in accordance with the contents of the standard agreement of the website.

15. Disclaimer

You/your company understand and agree that:

TEEMA does not offer any apparent or implied guarantee to the service, including but not limiting to the applicable commerce and special purpose services and the infringement of the rights of other people. TEEMA guarantees the following matters: (i) the service will accommodate the needs of you/your company (ii) the service is not to be interfered, and is provided in real-time, safe and reliable or free of error (iii) the result acquired from the access of the service is correct or reliable, and (iv) any product, service, information or other information purchased or acquired by you/your company shall conform to the expectation of you/your company.

Whether or not by using the service to download or acquire any information shall be the discretion of you/your company and you should assume the risks. If any download of the aforesaid information could have caused your/your company computer system to crash or to have lost the information, it is totally the responsibility of you/your company.

Any suggestion and information acquired from TEEMA B2B or from the service by you/your company, whether it is in writing or verbally, shall not constitute as the warranty of the service.

16. Relevant financial services

The purpose of the service is to offer information but not to offer any purpose of direct transaction or investment. TEEMA does not assume any responsibility for the correctness and applicability of any information. Neither shall TEEMA be responsible for any transaction or investment decision based on the aforesaid information.

17. Members’ conduct

The information, data, text, software, music, message, photo, graph, video, information or other information (hereinafter referred to as members content) transmitted privately among the members should be responsible solely by the members content provider. TEEMA is unable to control the members content transmitted privately by the members via the service. As such there is no guarantee on its correctness, completeness or quality. When using the service, you/your company understand that there could be connection to unpleasant, inappropriate and disgusting members content. Under any circumstance, TEEMA is not responsible for any members content, including but not limiting to any mistake or omission, and any loss or damage derived from the posting via the service, emails or delivery.

You/your company understand that TEEMA does not conduct any prior censorship to the members content that is transmitted in private. However, TEEMA has the right (but no obligation) to reject or remove any members content via the service at our own discretion. Without restriction on the above-mentioned preconditions, TEEMA and its designated parties are entitled to remove any members content that violates the service conditions of the service or detesting service. When accessing any members content, you/your company agree to assess and assume all risks by yourselves in terms of the correctness, integrity, or practicability of the aforesaid members content. In accordance with legal requirement or based on the reasonable and necessary scope that when the members content is considered to be kept or disclosed to government agencies, judiciary institutions or to the guardians of the juveniles, you/your company understand and agree to keep or disclose: (a) the compliance with the norm of rules and regulations (b) the implementation of the terms and conditions of the service (c) the reaction to the claims of any infringement of the third partys rights (d) the protection of the rights, properties or personal safety of TEEMA or its users and the public.

18. Protection of intellectual property rights

For the software and programs, all contents in the website, including but not limiting to the works, pictures, files, information, data, website structure, website graphic mapping, webpage design used by TEEMA, TEEMA or its other obligee are entitled by law to own their intellectual property rights including but not limiting to the trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets and exclusive technologies. Any one is not allowed to infringe the TEEMA or other obligee with the conditions such as to use, revise, reproduce, broadcast in public, modify, disseminate, publish, issue in public, conduct restoring works, decode and edit or reversed editing. In the occasion that you/your company intends to quote or copy from the aforesaid software, programs, or website content, prior written consent must be obtained legally from TEEMA or other obligee. The respect to the intellectual property right is the obligation to be observed by you/your company. You/your company shall be responsible for the indemnity (including but not limiting to the litigation charges and counsel fees) should there be any violation.

19. Authorization to TEEMA by you/your company

If you/your company authorize to other parties without the legal rights to use, revise, reproduce, broadcast in public, modify, disseminate, publish, issue in public certain information, and to reauthorize the aforesaid rights to the third party, please do not presume to upload, transmit, input or provide the said information to TEEMA B2B. Once any information that is uploaded, transmitted, input or provided to TEEMA B2B by you/your company, it is deemed that in regards to the purpose of public interests or private interests, you/your company had already permitted TEEMA to use unconditionally, revise, reproduce, broadcast in public, modify, disseminate, publish, issue in public the said information, and to reauthorize the aforesaid rights to others without any objection from you/your company. You/your company also guarantee to TEEMA to use unconditionally, revise, reproduce, broadcast in public, modify, disseminate, publish, issue in public, and reauthorize the said information without infringing the intellectual property rights of any third party, or else you/your company should be responsible to TEEMA for the damage indemnity (including but not limiting to the litigation charges and counsel fees

20. The ruling laws and jurisdiction

The interpretation and application of the terms and conditions used by the members, together with the relevant disputes from this agreement, shall be dealt with in accordance with the laws of the Republic of China, and to engage the Taipei District Court, Taiwan as the jurisdiction for the first trial.

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