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XING Mobility Inc.
Rotating Electric Machine;DC Electric Rotating Machine;DC Motor for General Use;DC Motor for Marine Use;AC Motors;Single phase Induction Motor, Standard Type;Single Phase Induction Motor, Non-Standard Type;Three Phase Induction Motor, Standard Type;Three Phase Induction Motor, Standard Type(11KW & Under);Three Phase Induction Motor, Standard Type(11KW & Up);Three Phase Induction Motor, Non-Standard Type;Three Phase Induction Motor, Non-Standard Type(70W-11KW);Three Phase Induction Motor, Non-Standard Type(11KW-1000KW);Synchronous Motor;Commutator Motor;Speed Change Motor;Motor-Tool;Motor Accessory & Part;Motor Controller;Motor Speed Controller;Motor Speed Reducer;Motor Pole Change Switch;Armature, Stator & Rotor;Motor Brake Clutch;Static Electric Device (I);Transformer (Except Electronic and Communication Use);Resin Transformer;Distribution Transformer;Distribution Transformer(15KV and Under);Distribution Transformer(24KV);Power Transformer;Power Transformer(69KV & Under);Power Transformer(69KV,1,000KVA & Under);Auto Electric Part;DC Motor for Vehicle;Electric Switch for Automobile;Rectifier for Automobile;Battery Charger for Automobile;DC Converter for Automobile;Capacitor for Automobile;Maintenance-Free Water-Proof Storage Battery;Storage Battery for Electric Car;Battery Charger;Car Charger;Battery Charging & Discharging Panel;Storage Battery Production Equipment;Plate Forming Charge Set;Charger-Control Control Center;Battery Quality Control Equipment;Storage Battery Quality Control Equipment;Life Cycle Tester;Capacity Tester;Charger Acceptance Tester;High Rate Discharge Tester;Separter Anti-Acid Tester;Low Temperature Case for Storage Battery;Impact Testers for Storage Battery;Battery Tester;Battery Automatic Testing Equipment;Dry Battery Quality Control Equipment;Cell Checker;Dry Battery Accessory;Battery Holder, Battery Snap;Power Supply;DC-DC Converter;Engine Management System (EMS);Electronic Ignition System (EIS);Brake Control System;Vehicle Safety System;Parking Control System (PCS);Vehicle Rear View Camera System;Inter-Vehicle Communication;Vehicle Recorder;Vehicle Body System;Lighting Set for Automobile;Vehicle Antenna;Car Air Cleaner;Car Air Conditioner;Car Charger;Drive Information System;Global Position System (GPS);Car Video and Audio System;Mobile Phone System;In-Vehicle Communication Equipment;Security System;Electric Guard System (EGS);Buzzer for Automobile;Vehicle Part;Motor for Automobile;Connector for Automobile;Wire for Automobile(SEE B33020、B35600);Switch for Automobile;Battery for Automobile;Vehicle Component;Automotive Testing System;Engine Analyzer;Electric Scooter;Electric Bike;
Automotive Research & Testing Center
Calibration Service;Component Quality Test;Certificate Service for Exports to Europe and North America;Emissions and Fuel Economy Test;Vehicle Safety Test;Noise Vibration and Harshness Test;Vehicle Drivability Test;Fatigue and Durability Test;EMC Test;Vehicle crash test;Computer-aided Engineering;Electric Brake Booster System;Vehicle Forward Safety Assistant System;Vehicle Side/Rear Safety Assistant System;Driver Status Monitoring System;Auto Parking System;Active Collision Warning/Control System;Lane Keeping System;Electric Power Steering System;Electric Vehicle System Integration;Telematics Application;Vehicle Optic System;Vehicle Display System;Electric Energy Management System/Wireless Charging;Vehicle Network CAN BUS Design & Test;Vehicle Monitoring & Service Platform;Vehicle Operation / Management Model Service;Electric Vehicle Air Condition;Battery Degradation/Leakage Detection System;
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