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Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Taiwan Co., Ltd.
;Manganize Batteries;Alkaline Batteries;Nickel Cadium Batteries;Lithium Batteries;Nickel Hydrogen Batteries;Compressor;Data-Storage Subsystems;Sensor;Semiconductor;Resistors;Capacitors;Plastic Film Capacitor;Electrolytic Capacitors;Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors;Inductor;Relays;Condenser Microphone;R/W Head;Cooling Fan for CPU;
Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.
Other Special Fan (Cooling Fan for Industrial or Computer;Heat Pipe;Interface Equipment for Computer;Semiconductors;Integrated Circuits;;Toggle Switches;Slide Switches;Connectors for Electronics;Plugs and Sockets;IC Socket (for DIPs);Miniature Motors (DC Brushless Motor);CPU Cooler;Heat Sink;Thermal Module;
Halloa Ent. Co., Ltd.
Electric Vacuum Cleaner;Interface Equipment for Computer;Consumer Product;Other Consumer Products;Video Accessories;Other Consumer Products(II);Accessories of Camera;Accessories of Telephone;Vehicle Component;Ear Phone;Video Head Cleaner Tape;CD,CD-ROM,VCD,DVD Lens Cleaner;CD,CD-ROM,VCD,DVD Disc Cleaner;CD,CD-ROM,VCD,DVD Disc Repair Kit;Record Head Cleaner Tape;Other Parts & Accessories;Protective Cover & Stand;Computer Cleaner;Digital Products Cleaner;Camera/Camcorder Cleaner;Screen Protector;CD/MP3 Casette Adaptor;
Robin Source International Co., Ltd.
CPU Cooler & Fan;Aluminum Alloy Heat Sink;
TDK Taiwan Corp.
Switching Power Supplies;Ceramic Capacitors;Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors;Inductor;Coil;Other Parts & Accessories;Ferrite Core;Deflection Yoke Core;Soft Dust Core;
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