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Tatung Co.
Hydroelectric Power-Generating Facilities & Diesel Engine Drived Generator Sets;Induction Motors and Synchronous Motors 30,000 HP and Below;Increased-Saftey and Explosion-Proof Motors;Motor-Generator Set;Co-Generation Equipment;Speed Reducer and Variator;Distribution Transformer;Power Transformers (345KV,500MVA Transformers Included);Dry Type Transformer;Furnace Transformer;Transformer for Special Purpose;Switchgear up to 36KV;Substation Engineering up to 161KV;Bus Duct Distribution System;High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker;High Voltage SF6 Gas Insulating Circuit Breaker;Automatic Transfer Switch (A.T.S.);Programmable Controls;Lightning Arrester;Automation Equipment;Oxygen-Free Copper Rods and Wires;Solder-Coated Copper Wires;Telecommunication Cables;Fiber-Optic Cable;Power Cables;Change Over Switch;Electric Contact-Point Made By Silver Alloy or Precious Metal Alloy;Dry Battery;Electric Washing Machine;Electric Fans;Juicer;Mixer;Electric Shaver;Gas Stoves Chafing Dish Steamers;Electric Toaster;Electric Rice Cooker;Electronic Rice Cooker;Slow Cookers;Air Pots;Microwave Ovens;Electric Hair Dryer;Irons;Dryers;Microprocessor Controlled unit for Home Appliance;Window Type Air Conditioner;Split Type Air Conditioner;Package Type Air Conditioner;Water Chiller;Freon Compressors;Cooling Tower;Commercial Dehumidifier;Refrigerators;Electric Refrigerator Show Use, Refrigeration Equipments,;Electric Refrigerator Compressor for Household;Computer-Aided Design Software;LCD Monitor;LCD TV;IPTV;Massagers;Electronic Switch Systems(Pabx);Telegraph Carrier Equipment;Integrated Service Digital Network;Wireless Telephone Sets;;Watthour Meters;Vehicle (2R & 4R) Combination Instruments & Tank Sender Unit;Factory Automation Equipments;Robot and Robotic System;;Crystal Oscillators, Fe and Ce Silicon Crystal and Wafers;Switches;Inverters;Copper-Filmed Laminates;;Wistereo USB Headset;Magnet Heads;Servo Motors;Picture and Monitor Tubes,Electro Guns;Ferrite Cores;Permanent Magnets and Ferrite Cores;Castings;Plastic Components;Coatings and Resins;Various Electric Motors and Steel Furniture;Precision Diecastings and Tooling Molds;
Universal Scientific Industrial Co., Ltd.
Automotive Voltage Regulator,Motor Controller;Automotive Rectifier;Industrial PC;Local Area Network & Workstation;Minicomputer;Desktop PC/Network Computer;Portable Computer;Note Book Computer;Palmtop Computer;Digitalizer Tablet;Storage;Personal Digital Assistant;Barcode Scanner;Pentium Series(K7);ISDN Card, ISDN Modem, ISDN T.A., Gbit;Wireless Local Area Network Products (Wireless NIC,AP,RG);LAN Equipment;Server;Point-of-Sale System;Point of Sales;LED Modular;IP Set Top Box;Dactylogram Identify System;Bluetooth Module;RFID Reader;Other Medical Equipments;DC-DC Converter;In-Vehicle Communication Equipment;Vehicle Part;Automobile Electronics;Other ICs (DTL, RTL,...etc.);Communication ICs;Special-Purpose Circuit;Digital Media Adapter;Hybrid and Modular Components;Custom Design Thick Film Hybrid IC;OEM;
TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd.
DC Motor for General Use;DC Motors for Marine Use;Engine Generator Set for General Use;Engine Generator Set for Marine Use;;;AC Motor;Motor Accessories & Parts;Motor Starting Appliance;Motor Starter Switch;Motor Starting Compensator;A.C. Magnetic Contactor;Motor Y-△ Starter;Motor Starting Reactor and Resistor;Motor Controller;Motor Speed Controller;Motor Pole Change Switch;Power Transformer;Switchgear;Switchgear(36KV & Under);Relay Panel(69KV & Up);Switchgear for Marine Equipments;Circuit Breaker etc. for Power Distribution System(Except;High Voltage SF6 Gas Insulating Circuit Breaker;High Voltage Power Fuses;Molded Case Circuit Breaker;Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker;D.O.L. Magnetic Starter;Low Voltage Reversing Switches;Other Low Voltage Power Switches;Automatic Control Panels;Low Voltage Power Center;A.C. Magnetic Control Relay;Protection Relay;Thermal Overload Relay;Parking Lift;Other Automation Equipment;Time Switch;Plug Receptor;Electric Washing Machine;Clothes Dryers;Window Type Air Conditioner;Package Type Air Conditioner;Central Type Air Conditioner;Air Movement and Control Equipment;Electric Dehumidifier;Electric Refrigerator for Household Use;Electric Refrigerator Show Case;Chiller;Frozen Equipment;LAN Equipment;Color Television Receiver;Digital Meters;Numerical Control System;Programmable Logic Controller;Inverter;Servo Motors;Stepping Motors;15.5KV SF6 Line Switch, Metal-Clad Switchgear Up to 36KV;600V Low Voltage Motor Control Center, 69KV & 161KV GIS;;;;;
Panasonic Taiwan Co., Ltd.
Rectifier Motor;Motor for Home Appliance;;;;;;Lithium Battery;Battery Charger;Washing Machine;Electric Fan;Ventilator;Electric Juice Blenders;Vacuum Cleaner;Microwave Ovens;;Electric Pots;Electric Percolators;Electric Toaster;Electric Cookers;;Induction Heating Cooker;Bread Bakery;;Drying Machine;Air Conditioner Window Type;Package Type Air Conditioner;Car Cooler;;Electric Dehumidifier;Refrigerator;Compressor for Refrigerator;Peripheral Equipment;Monitor Display Computer;TV Sets (B/W, Color);;Transistor Radio (Incl. Car Stereo), Vacuum Tube Radio;Recorder,Stero Recorder;Tuner;Video Cassette Recorder;Remote Control;Car Navigation System;Electrolytic Capacitor;Transformer;Coil;;PC Board;Speaker;Head Phone;Miniature Motors;Motors for Oa Equipment (Stepping Motor);Mixeo Moroea 3W and Below;Precision Die;Video Printer;Digital Video Disc;
Shihlin Electric & Engineering Corp.
Generator Sets;DC Motor;Distribution Transformer, Pad Mounted Transformer;Power Transformer;Dry Type Transformer;Transformer for Furnace;Potential/Current Transformer;High Voltage Power Capacitor;Low Voltage Power Capacitor;Motor Running Capacitor;Switchgear,Central Supervision Panel Board;High Voltage Circuit Breaker;High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker;Gas Insulated Switchgear Equipment;Disconnecting Switch;Fuse Cutout Switch;Air Circuit Breaker;Molded Case Circuit Beaker;Earth-Leakage Breaker;Magnetic Switch;Disconnecting Switch;Air Circuit Breaker;Automatic Transfer Switch (A.T.S.);Programmable Controller;Motor Control Center;Busway for Power System;Lightning Arrester;Cast Resin Reactor;Auto Electric Parts for Car & Motorcycle;Electrical Switch for Household Use;Inverter;Sensor;Digital Meter;Vacuum Gauge;Supervision & Remote Control System;Uninterruptible Power Systems;Metallized Plastic Film Capacitor;Surge Absorber;Servo Motors;Metering Outfit;Dry Type Reactor;Lighting Control Switches;
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