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Connector,Plug,Socket and Receptor for Household Use (191)
Plug (92)
Socket for Electric Bulb (4)
Plug Receptor (66)
Lamp Holder (2)
Fuse and Fuse Holder for Household Use (38)
Medium Connector (18)
Power Box for Household Use (4)
Connector and Terminal for Household Use (65)
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CBQ Kailian Technology(ShenZhen) Co., Ltd.
Copper Wire;Wire Harness;Power Cord;
TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd.
DC Motor for General Use;DC Motors for Marine Use;Engine Generator Set for General Use;Engine Generator Set for Marine Use;;;AC Motor;Motor Accessories & Parts;Motor Starting Appliance;Motor Starter Switch;Motor Starting Compensator;A.C. Magnetic Contactor;Motor Y-△ Starter;Motor Starting Reactor and Resistor;Motor Controller;Motor Speed Controller;Motor Pole Change Switch;Power Transformer;Switchgear;Switchgear(36KV & Under);Relay Panel(69KV & Up);Switchgear for Marine Equipments;Circuit Breaker etc. for Power Distribution System(Except;High Voltage SF6 Gas Insulating Circuit Breaker;High Voltage Power Fuses;Molded Case Circuit Breaker;Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker;D.O.L. Magnetic Starter;Low Voltage Reversing Switches;Other Low Voltage Power Switches;Automatic Control Panels;Low Voltage Power Center;A.C. Magnetic Control Relay;Protection Relay;Thermal Overload Relay;Parking Lift;Other Automation Equipment;Time Switch;Plug Receptor;Electric Washing Machine;Clothes Dryers;Window Type Air Conditioner;Package Type Air Conditioner;Central Type Air Conditioner;Air Movement and Control Equipment;Electric Dehumidifier;Electric Refrigerator for Household Use;Electric Refrigerator Show Case;Chiller;Frozen Equipment;LAN Equipment;Color Television Receiver;Digital Meters;Numerical Control System;Programmable Logic Controller;Inverter;Servo Motors;Stepping Motors;15.5KV SF6 Line Switch, Metal-Clad Switchgear Up to 36KV;600V Low Voltage Motor Control Center, 69KV & 161KV GIS;;;;;
Tai-Shing Electronics Components Corporation
Solenoid;Magnetic Valve and Magnetic Clutch;Power Relay;Fuse;MS;CPU;Photo Coupler;LED;Test Instrumentation;OSC;Sensor;Power Supply;AC-DC Converter;Diode;Fast Diode;Bridge Diode;Transistors;Field-Effect Transistor;Triac;MPU;IC;DRAM;Flash RAM;SRAM;Linear IC;Regulator IC;TTL;Resistor;Capacitor;Relays for Communication and Electronics;General-Purpose Relays;Reed Relays;Automatic Control Relay;Photo MOS Relay;Switch;SCR;Solenoid & Coil;Quartz Crystals;PUT UJT;Filter;Varistors;Connector;Solenoid Valve;Lifting Magnet;Magnetic Set;Automotive Relay;PAL;MOS FET;Photo FET;Zener Diode;Photo Diode;Switching Diode;Rectifier Diode;Schottky Diode;Trigger Diode;CDS;Socket;Tools;
How Der Electronic Co.,Ltd.
Terminal Blocks;Connector and Terminal for Household Use;Connector for Automobile;Connector for Electronics;Terminal Board;Metal Stamping Part;Heat Sink;Wood & Plastic Material;Insulating Material;Electronic Components Autoinsertion;Electronic Production Assembly;
Shin Chin Industrial Co., Ltd.
Auto Distributor Caps & Rotors;Electric Switches for Automobile;Auto Power Adaptor, Lighting Systems;Auto Power Adaptors;Car Spot Lamp, Car Reading Lamp;Neon Lamp;Sensor Night Lamp;Working Lighting Set;Car Warning Lamp;Car Interior Lamp, Work Lamp, Wireless Lamp;Navigation Lamp;Sensor Night Light;LED Torch;Toggle Switch;Rocker Switch;Battery Switch;Waterproof Switch;Other Household Switch;Plug Receptor;Fuse Holder Connector, Fuse Holder, Knob, Binding Post;Connector and Terminals for Household;Batteries Charger;Indicator;Consumer Products;DC to DC Adaptor;Lighting Sets for Automobile;Tune Needle;;Push-Button Switches;Miniature Switches;Clips Tips;Terminal and Terminal Boards;Panel;Soldering Materials;;Electric Parts, Auto Parts & Accessories;
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