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China Electric Mfg. Corp.
Electronic Ignition Systems, EI;Tungster Filament Lamps for General;Reflection Lamps;Auto Bulbs;Other Type Bulb and Lamps;Electric Fluorescent Tubes, Straight Pipe, Pre-Heating Start;Electric Fluorescent Tubes Ring Shape Pre-Heating Start Type;Electric Fluorescent Tubes Quick Starter;Color Fluorescent Tubes and Other Accessories;Mercury Vapor Lamp Bulbs;Ultraviolet Ray Lamp Bulbs;Mosquitoes Repeller Lamp Tubes;Ultrared Ray Lamp Bulbs;Color Lamp Bulbs;Decorating Lamp Bulbs;Running Lighting Bulbs;;Desk and Table Lighting Sets;Automatic Emergency Lighting Set;Wall Lighting Sets;Surface Mounted Lighting Sets;Reflection Lighting Sets;Ceiling Lighting Sets;Working Lighting Sets;Explosion Proof Lighting Set;Fluorescent Lamp Sets;Mercury Vapor Lamp Sets;Decoration Lamp Sets;Lighting Sets for Marine;Track Lighting Sets;Bracket Down Lighting Sets;Stand Lighting Sets;Bed Side Lighting Sets;LED Flash Light;High Pressure Sodium Lamp;;Solar Lamps;LED Light Fixture;Ballast and Adaptor For Light;Lighting Controller or Dimmer;Starter for Fluorescent Lamp;Other Illuminated Accessories;Lighting Design Programming Service;Illumination Equipment Production & Installation;LED Lamp or Module;Lithium Battery;Storage Battery for Electric Car;Car Charger;
Jan Cheng Lighting Co., Ltd.
Electric Bulb;Electric Fluorescent Tube;Decoration Lamp;Lighting Set;Illumination Accessory;LED Lamp or Module;
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