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Pacific Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.
Bare Copper Conductor;Continuous Copper Rod,Annealed/Hard-Drawn Copper;Tin-Coated Copper Stranded Conductors for Electrical;Hard-Drawn Copper Stranded Conductors for Electrical;Annealed Copper Stranded Conductors for Electrical Purposes;Heat Resistant Hard-Drawn Copper Stranded Conductors (PH-Ag);Tin Coated Annealed /Hard-Drawn Copper Wires for Electrical;Hot-Dip Tin-Coated Copper Wires;Hot-Dip Tin-Lead Solder-Coated Copper Wires;Tin-Plated Copper Wire;Aluminum Conductor;Aluminum Wire for Electrical Purposes;All Aluminum Conductor (AAC);Aluminum Conductor, Steel Reinforced (ACSR);Aluminum Conductor Aluminum-Clad Steel Reinforced;Termo-resistant Aluminum Alloy Conductor Steel Reinforced(TACSR);Thermo-resistant Aluminum Alloy Conductor Aluminum-clad Steel Reinforced(TACSR/AW);Rectangular Copper Wire for Electrical Purposes,;Solid & Stranded Copper Conductors;Enameled Wires;Polyurethane Enameled Wires (DD, DD-F) ,Polyester;Polyamide-Imide Enameled Wires (AIW-100,AIW-220);Polyester-Imide Enameled Wire (PEWH);Polyvinyl-formal Enameled Wire(PVF);Polyimide Enameled Wire (ML);Polyurethane-Nylon Overcoat Self-Bonding Enameled Wires;High Thermal Polyamide-Imide Overcoat Self-Bonding Enameled;Polyurethane Overcoat Self-Bonding Enameled Wire;Inverter Surge-Resistance Enameled Wire;High Thermal Solderable Polyester-Imide Enameled Wires (SS-TF,SS-TH);High Thermal Colorable Enameled Wires (SSF-H,AIEIW-300);High Thermal Polyurethane Enameled Wires (DD-H);Modified Polyester Overcoat Polyamide-Imide with Self-Bondin;Litz Wire (DD, DD-NYU, DD-F, DDF-NY, AIB);Polyurethane Overcoat Polyamide Enameled Wire (DD-NYU,;(Modified) Polyester Overcoat Polyamide Self-lubricant;High Thermal Tinnable Overccoat Polyamide-Imide Enameled;Polyester-Imide Overcoat Polyamide-Imide Self-lubricant Refr;Polyamide-imide Self-lubricant Enameled Wire(AIPL);Polyimide Self-lubricant Enameled Wire(MLPL);Modified Polyester Enameled Wire(SS-F);(Modified) Polyester Overcoat Polyamide Enameled Wires;Modified Polyester Overcoat Polyamide-Imide Enameled Wires;Enameled Aluminum Wires(DD (AL), SS(AL),AIEIW-200);Flat Enameled Wires (AIW-100F, AIW-220F,AIEIW-300F);Rectangular Enameled Wires (PEWH, AIEIW, PVF);Sink Pump Wire;Polyester-imide Overcoat Polyamide-imide Enameled Wires;Jumper Wires;Automobile Wire;Multi-Conductor Shielded Cable,Multi-Conductor Cable;Hook-Up Wire;PVC Hook-up Wire, Irradiated PVC, PE Insulated Wire and;Halogen Free Hook-Up Wire;PE,PVC Insulated Shielded Wire;USB/ IEEE 1394 Computer Cable;Computer Cables;Halogen Free LCD Backlight Wire;Power Supply Cords for Appliance Use;Tefzel ETFE Insulated High Temperature Wire;Fluorplastics Insulated High Temperature Wire;Flat Cable;Irradiated PVC Insulated Hook-Up Wire;Irradiated Polyethylene and Halogen Free Insulated Hood-Up;High Voltage Cable;Boat Cables;Robot Cables;Telecommunication Cables;Fiber-Optic Cables;Fiber-Optic Termination Cables (LSFH Sheath);Low Friction Drop/Indoor Fiber-Optic Cable;High Frequency Coaxial Cables for Appliance Used;RF Coaxial Cables;Flexible Low Loss Coaxial Cable;Low Loss Coaxial Cables;Leaky Coaxial Cables;Irradiated PE Coaxial Cables;Gas Dam Cables;Local Telephone Cables;Color Code Polyethylene Insulated Local Telecommunication;Twist-Pair Type Local Telecommunication Cables;Long Haul Telecommunication Cables;PEF-LAP Sheathed Telecommunication Cables;PVC Switchboard Cables;Jelly Filled Telecommunication Cables;LAN Cables;Corrugated Steel Armoured Telephone Cables;F/S insulated, Stalpeth, Alpeth, LAP or LSP Sheathed;PEF-LAP Junction Telecommunication Cables (PEF-LAP);Low Smoke Free Halogen Telecommunication Cables;High Shielding Cables;Lead in Wires & Drop Wires;Fire Resistance Communication Cables;Power Cables;PCM Cables;Flame-Retardant Cross-Linked Polyethylene Insulated Wires;0-600V XLPE Insulated Power Cables;601-35,000V XLPE Insulated Power Cables;35,001-69,000V Cross-Linked Polyethylene Insulated Power;69001-161000V Cross-Linked Polyethylene Insulated Power;25KV XLPE Insulated Nylon Jacketed Anti-Termite Power Cables;69KV XLPE Insulated Anti-Termite Power Cables;Low Voltage XLPE Insulated, PVC sheathed Cables;Low Voltage XLPE Insulated, PVC sheathed Wire Armoured;230kV XLPE Insulated Power Cable;PVC Insulated Wires & Cables;PVC Insulated, PVC Sheathed Cables;Polyethylene Insulated Wires;PVC Insulated Power Cables;PVC Insulated Flexible Cords;Low Voltage PVC Insulated Wires ( BS EN 50525-2-31 /;Low Voltage PVC Insulated, PVC sheathed Cables;Fire & Heat Resistant Cables;Polyethylene Insulated Control Cables,;Signalling Control and Instrumentation Cables;Polyethylene Insulated Power Cables;Heat Resistant PVC Building Wires (HIV);High Capcity Power Caller for Electic Vehicle;Aluminum-Clad Steel Conductors;Wire,Tape,Corrugated Metal Tube & Interlock Armoured Cable &;Low Smoke Free Halogen Power Cables;Flexible Cords and Flexible Cables, UL & CSA Approved Cables;Other Power Cables;Submarine Cables;Cable Accessory Splicing and Terminating Materials, Cable;EPR Insuated, Low Smoke Free Halogen Sheathed DC Traction Cables;Electric Cable for Photovoltaic Systems;
Polyethylene Insulated Jelly Filled PCM Cables;Bare Copper Wire;Copper Wire for Electrical Purpose;Hard-Drawn Copper Wire for Electrical Purpose;Annealed Copper Wire for Electrical Purposes;Oxygen free Copper Wire;Hard-Drawn Copper Stranded Conductors for Electrical Purpose;Annealed Copper Stranded Conductors for Electrical Purposes;Tin Coated Copper Stranded Conductors for Electrical;Tin Coated Annealed Copper Wire for Electrical Purposes;Palladium Coated Copper Wire;Gold -Palladium Plated Copper wire;Aluminum Wire for Electrical Purposes;Aluminum Stranded Conductors for Electrical Purposes;Enamelled Copper Wire;CCAW (Copper Claded Aluminum enamelled Wire );Rectangular Enamelled Copper Wire;Jumper Wires;Cable for Vehicles Use;Electronic Wires;PVC (Including Semirigid PVC) Insulated Electronic Wire;Hook-Up Wire;Flat Cable or Tape Cable;Rubber Insulated Flexible Cords;PVC Jacket Shielded Wire;Optical Fiber Patch Cord;Teflon TEF Insulated High Temperature Wire;Unsheathed Multi-Conductor Cable;Telecommunication Wires and Cables;Optical Fiber Cables;Bundle Type Jelly Filled, Non Metallic Broad Wavelength Regi;Bundle Type Jelly Filled, Broad Wavelength Region Single;Central Tube Jelly Filled, Broad Wavelength Region Single;Flat Type Optical Drop Cable;Indoor Optical Cable;Micro Tube Bundle for Air Blown Fiber Units;Single Slotted Ribbon Type,Broad Wavelength Region Single Mode Optical Cable;Electrolytic Chrome Coated Steel Tape Corrugated Optic Fiber Cable;Coaxial Cable;Local Telephone Cable;Polyethylene Insulated Fully Color Code,Laminated Aluminum Po;Polyethylene Insulated Fully Color Code,Jelly Filled, Laminate;PEF-LAP Junction Cables (PEF-LAP);Foam/Skin Insulated Junction Cables (F/S-LAP);Pair Type Local Cables;High Shielding Cables;Toll Cables;PEF-LAP Toll Cables (PEF-LAP);Switchboard Cables;Polyethylene Insulated, Polyvinyl Chloride Sheathed Indoor;Flame Retardant Polyethylene Insulated, Low Smoke Non-Halogen Polyethylene Sheathed Indoor Cable;Foam Skin Polyethylene Insulated, Jelly Filled, Laminated;Foam Skin Polyethylene Insulated, STALPETH Sheathed Local;Polythylene Insulated Fully Color Code, Polyethylene Sheathed Local Cable;CAT.5 LAN Cable;CAT.6 LAN Cable;Power Cables;69000V XLPE Insulated Anti-termite Power Cable;600V Green Ecological Material Cables (EM-IL, EM-CL);25000V Cross-Linked PE Insulated Nylon-Sheathed Anti-;Rubber Insulated Power Cables;Rubber Insulated Wire;Rubber Insulated Flexible Cord;0-600V EPR Insulated Power Cable;601-35,000V EPR Insulated Power Cable;35,001-69,000V Ethylene Propylene Rubber Insulated Power;Silicon Rubber Insulated Wire and Cable;PVC Insulated Building Wire(THH;THW);PVC Insulated Nylon Jacket Building Wire(THHN;THWN);600V ~ 6.6KV XLPE Insulated Fire Resistant Cable;600V XLPE Insulated Heat Resistant Cable(HRCV;HRCL);Polyethylene Insulated Control Cable;Control Cables;Rubber Insulated Control Cable;Polyethylene Insulated Power Cables;0-600V XLPE Insulated Power Cable;601-35,000V XLPE Insulated Power Cable;35,001-69,000V Cross-Linked Polyethylene Insulated Power;69,000V-345000V Cross-Linked Polyethylene Insulated Power;Polyethylene Insulated Wire;PVC Insulated Power Cables;PVC Insulated Wire;PVC Insulated Control Cables;PVC Insulated Flexible Cord;Other Power Cables;Welding Cable;Power Supply Cord for Appliance Use;LSFH Green Wires and Cables;Self-Bonding Enamelled Copper Wire for Voice Coils;Nylon Sheathed Cables;Cable Installation;Low Smoke Non-Free Halogen Telecommunication Cable;SM Pig Tail & Patch Cord;Litz Wire;Flat (Rectangular) Enamelled Copper Wire;Bonding Wire;Enamelled Aluminum Wire (AEW);Triple Insulated Layers Wire(TILW);Polyimide Enamelled Copper Wire (PIW);Enamelled Copper Wire for Inverter-Fed Driven Motors (IFDW);Self-Bonding Enamelled Copper Wire for Voice Coils(R*-VW);Parallel/n Enamelled Copper Wire;Self-Bonding Enamelled Copper Wire (R*-SB);Polyvinyl Formal Enamelled Copper Wire (PVF);Polyester Enamelled Copper Wire (PEW);Polyurethane Enamelled Coppper Wire (UEW);Polyurethane Over Coated With Polyamide Cnylon Enamelled Wire; Polyester overcoated With Polyamide(Nylon) Enamelled Wire;Solderable Polyester-Imide Enamelled Copper Wire (SEIW);Polyester-Imide Enamelled Copper Wire (EIW);Amide-Imide Overcoated Polyester-Imide Enamelled Copper Wire;Polyamide-Imide Enamelled Copper Wire (AIW);Nylon Fusable Enamelled Copper Wire (NFW);Amide-Imide Overcoated Polyester Enamelled Copper Wire;600V Lead Free PVC Insulated Wire;PV Ribbon;Litz type Triple Insulated Layers wire(LZ-TILW);Freon-resistance Enamelled Copper wire(EAIS);Silk covered Enamelled Copper Wires(USTL-*R);Magnet-Conducting Enamelled Wire(MCW);Thermal-Dessipation Enamelled Wire(TDW);
Evertop Wire Cable Corporation
Polyethylene Insulated Jelly Filled PCM Cables;Copper Wire for Electrical Purpose;Hard-Drawn Copper Wire for Electrical Purpose;Annealed Copper Wire for Electrical Purposes;Copper Stranded Conductor for Electric Purposes;Hard-Drawn Copper Stranded Conductors for Electrical;Annealed Copper Stranded Conductors for Electrical Purposes;Tin Coated Copper Stranded Conductors for Electrical;Tin Coated Annealed Copper Wire for Electrical Purposes;Tin Coated Hard-Drawn Copper Wire for Electrical Purposes;Tin/Lead Coated Copper Wire for Electrical Purpose;Hot-Dip Tin-Coated Copper Wire;Enameled Copper Wires;Jumper Wires;Cable for Vehicles Use;X'Mas Tree Wire;Electronic Wires;PVC (Including Semirigid PVC) Insulated Electronic Wire;Hook-Up Wire;PVC Jacket Shielded Wire;Fiber-Optic Line;Antenna Twin Lead Wire for TV Use;Shielded Multi-Conductor;Irradiated PVC Insulation Hook-Up Wires, LAN Cable Cat.5. UL;Telecommunication Cable;Fiber-Optic Cables;Coaxial Cable;Power Supply Cord;Telephone Cable;Color Code Polyethylene Insulated Local Cables;CCP-JF-LAP;PEF-LAP Junction Cables (PEF-LAP);Foam/Skin Cable (F/S-LAP);Pair Type Local Cables;High Shielding Cables;Toll Cables;PEF-LAP Toll Cables (PEF-LAP);Switchboard Cables;Corrugated Steel Armoured Telephone Cables;Other Communication Wires and Cables;Nylon Jacketed Communication Wires;Spiral Four Telephone Wires;Power Cables;Heat Resistance PVC Insulated Wire & Cable (THW);Nylon Jacketed Wire Cable;Fire Resistant Cable;Polyethylene Insulated Control Cable;Control Cables;Polythylene Insulated Power Cables (Incl. PE CLPE);F-XLPE Insulated Wire and Cable;0-600V XLPE Insulated Power Cable;601-35,000V XLPE Insulated Power Cable;Polyethylene Insulated Wire;PVC Insulated Power Cables;PVC Insulated Wire;PVC Insulated Control Cables;PVC Insulated Flexible Cord;Other Power Cables;Optical Fiber Cable;Power Supply Cord for Appliance Use;Corrugated Steel Armoured Control Power Cable;LAN CAT.5, UTP Cable;Universal Series BUS Cable;IEEE1394 High Frequency Transmition Cable;
San Chi Industrial Corp.
Stripper;Heat Gun;High Temperature Enameled Copper Wire(APTZ);PC, PVC, PP, Nylon, Acrylic Sheets;Fiberglass Sleeving, Shrinkable Tubing, TFE Tubing;Silicone Rubber Heat Sink Insulator;Electrical Tape, Ceramic Blanket, Fiberglass Mesh,;Insulating Materials;Insulating Paper;Non-Woven Fabrics;Mica Products、Mica Paper Wrapper & Tape;DuPont Nomex Paper, Mylar, PI Film;Bakelite;Meshcloth;Fiberglass Laminates, Rod, Tube;Banding Tape;Flexible Laminated Sheet;Varnish;Polyester Urethane Foam;Felt;
Jasdi Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Litz Wire;Triple Insulated Wire;High Temperature Insulated Wire Up to 300度C;Insulated Litz Wire;Insulating Tape, Self-Fusing Tape;Insulating Tubing and Sleeving;Metric Standoff Insulator;Insulated Varnish;Potting Compound;PCB Conformal Coating;Adhesive, Sealent;Tie Cord, Banding Tape;Laminate, Solder Pallet;PU Elastomer;High Temperature Resin;Machinable Ceramic;Insulated Paper, Film;Electrically Conductive Silver;UL WTDP Test Lab;Consulting Services for Product Certifications;FDA Registered Agent;
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