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Universal Microelectronics Co., Ltd.
Solar Lamp;LED Light Fixture;Lighting Controller or Dimmer;LED Lamp or Module;Charger;Memory System;Main Board;Add On Card;Collision avoidance Radar;Note-Book PC Power Supply;Switching Power Supply, Switching Adaptor;DC-DC Converter;Blind Spot Detection(B.S.D);Magnetic Components;Transformers;Power Transformer;RF Transformer, Audio Transformer;Pulse Transformers;Miniature Transformers;Special Transformers, ISDN Transformer;Coils;Toroidal Core;Data Line Filter;Delay Lines;Integrated Filter Module;SUB-Contracted PCB Assembly;SMT Turn Key Assembly;DC Electronic Ballast;
Link-Wave Aerospace Technology Inc.
Satellite Receiving Stations;Receiver;Transmitter;Radar;Oscillator;Power Supplies;Transformer;Microwave Component;
U&U Engineering, Inc.
Gen-III Night Vision Camera System;Short Wave Infrared Camera;Security System;Training Simulator;HAWK Telemetry Kit;Unique Traffic Management System;Landing Sensor;Monitor Sensor;Inertial Navigation System;FMCW Radar;Secured GSM Phone;Stage Gauge/ Altimeter;Laser Rangefinder;High Voltage Power Supply;Video Conferencing Module;Aerospace Coating (Commercial/Military Aerospace Painting/;Infrared Detector;Day/Night E-O Surveillance System;Infrared Thermal Imager;Target Drone Control System;Ruggedized Computer;Fiber Optic Gyro;
EMMT Systems Corporation
Electronic Lock;Electronic Communication Product;RFID Reader;Radio Equipment;Marine Mobile Radio Equipment;Land Mobile Radio Equipment;Receiver;Transmitter;Mobile Transceiver;Base Transceiver;Amateur Radio Equipment;Walkie-Talkie;Pager;Citizens' Band Transceiver;Military or Police Radio Transceiver;Microwave Communication Equipment;Radar;Network System of Military;RFID Products;Avionic Panel;Power Supplies;USB Digital Receiver;Military Grade PCB Ass'y & Module;
RoyalTek Company Ltd.
OBD II Tracker;Android Head Unit;Mobile Data Terminal;
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