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Heavy Electric Machinery(1277)
  Rotating Electric Machine(686) Static Electric Device (I)(415)
Electronic Finished Products(1580)
  Consumer Product(1145) Power Supply(435)
Optoelectronic Products(256)
  Optical Display and Component(111) Fiber-Optic Communication System(57)
Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning(64)
  Air-Condition Equipment(61) Electric Refrigerator(3)
Electric Wires and Cables(265)
  Electric Wire(245) Power Cable(20)
Electronic Components(4302)
  Passive and Mechanical Component (I)(1286) Passive and Mechanical Component (II)(1967)
Household Electric Appliances(92)
  Electrical Motorized Appliance(37) Electric Thermal Appliance(55)
Illumination Devices(168)
  Electric Bulb(29) Electric Fluorescent Tube(4)
  Dry Battery(98) Lead-Acid Storage Battery(3)
Computer & Peripherals(1054)
  Data-Processing System & Office Equipment(900) Software & Applied Tool(12)
Electric Devices & Apparatus(1034)
  Connector,Plug,Socket and Receptor for Household Use(271) Insulating Material for Low Voltage(8)
Other Products(410)
  Metal Material(201) Wood & Plastic Material(63)
Communication Equipment(551)
  Communication Equipment(551) Radio Equipment(289)
  Semiconductor(136) Discrete Semiconductor(96)
Automobile Electronics(371)
  Engine Management System (EMS)(8) Vehicle Safety System(73)
Testing and Measuring Instruments(467)
  Test and Measuring Instruments(279) Industrial Electronic Equipment(155)
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